Ecommerce store owners,

You're losing money if you're not leveraging email marketing

That’s where I come in. I help e-commerce brands like yours drive MRR using data-driven, advanced email marketing.

Email can feel like a waste of time and money

I get it. I understand the pain of having so many hats to wear as an eCommerce store owner.

Creating content, overseeing a marketing strategy, and dealing with the technical aspect of email is just a small part of what you do…

But it can have a big impact on your bottom line.

The thing is

Twitter can ban you whenever they want.

Facebook can cancel your ads whenever they want.

Instagram can shadowban you whenever they want.

You don’t own your audience with Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

But you OWN your email list.

And you can market to them whenever you want without paying an extra cent.

How I'm different

I take time to understand your brand, your audience, and your competitors.

I help you send relevant content to the right customer at the right time to make you more money.

My goal for your brand is simple:

Convert your visitors to your customers, drive repeat purchases, and profitably grow your sales by at least 15%.

Trusted By

Email marketing can automate 16% of your revenue

When you put your trust in me to implement an email marketing strategy that works whether your business is small, medium, or big…

  • Your email list is growing every week because the visitors are now becoming your subscribers
  • You are building a relationship with customers because they are getting relevant emails based on their customer journey
  • Customers trust your brand and are now buying more than once

Client Success Story

I helped MARCH11 triple their email revenue just from 4 flows in 2 months. $36,786+ just from 4 flows in 2 months.






Increase in email revenue

Client Success Story

I helped Socks n Socks increase their AOV by 86% and 86% increase in YOY email revenue.

Hear what some of my clients have to say

I’ve partnered with Sandesh on a number of projects over the last year and he has been amazing to work with. His combination of design skill, copywriting, and understanding the ins and outs of email automation have been a major boost for the client projects we’ve worked on, and can be directly tied to increased revenue for them. I look forward to partnering with Sandesh on many more projects in the future


Josh D.

Co-founder | One Brick Digital

I have never seen someone as professional as Sandesh and who is so detail-oriented. He exceeded my expectations with Klaviyo and I’m so glad to have found him. Recommend him for any kind of email marketing job.


Deepthy R.

Woosh Sunnies

Sandesh is very detail-oriented. He made sure everything works properly before launching, took time to learn about my business, and create emails that adhere to our visual guidelines. I enjoyed working with Sandesh and recommend you for your email marketing needs.


Roberta M.

Founder, MARCH 11

How Do We Get Started

Keen to learn more so you can see if this is the right investment for you and your business? Just fill out the form below.

I’ll send you an email reply within 2 business days with a couple of questions so I can send you all the right info to get us started.


1. Welcome Flow

2. Abandoned Checkout Flow New Customers

3. Abandoned Checkout Flow Past Customers

4. Browse Abandonment Flow

5. Post Purchase Flow (Customer Thank you + Cross-sell)

6. Win-back Flow

7. Sunset Flow

Yes. All package include a 3 month contract.

I recommend Klaviyo or Omnisend. They’re specifically built for e-commerce. But if they are expensive for you, you can opt for other providers.

Each client is unique, but most of my clients see a jump in email revenue 2-4 months after I implement the strategy.

Email Service Providers charge a monthly fee depending on the size of your list.

If you do not have a list right now it costs from $0 to free trial depending on the email platform.

If you have a list of subscribers, the cost will vary. Check the Klaviyo pricing and Omnisend pricing.

Money is personal and I know investment decisions can be difficult. I run a small business, too!

I’d ask: what if you could get a double amount of sales and actually make back your investment within a few months?

1. Bounce-back flow aka Immediate upsell

2. Repeat Purchase Flow

3. Predictive Purchase Flow

4. Back-in-stock Flow

5. Birthday Flow

6. Anniversary Flow

7. Site Abandonment Flow

8. Collection Page Abandonment Flow

9. Abandoned Cart Flow

10. VIP Flow

Plus more custom Flows

For the essential package, 3-4 weeks. For the complete package, 5-6 weeks.

Yes, I do but for only complete package. Contact me to know more about the payment plan.

Yes, both packages are monthly and include ongoing supports.

I live in Nepal. Don’t worry about time zones. I work with clients from all over the world, from San Diego to Sydney!